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The Truth About Mary

The Bible teaches us the truth about Mary

  • It was predicted in Isaiah 7:14 that a virgin would bear a son and he would be the Messiah. Mary was privileged to be that person, and Jesus Christ, the son born to her, is the Messiah and the Saviour of the world
  • Mary found favour with God and the Lord was with her see Luke 1:28-30
  • Mary was blessed to be the mother of Jesus Christ; however, she was not blessed above women but among women see Luke 1:42
  • Mary was not without sin, but understood that she needed a Saviour see Luke 1:47
  • Although Jesus loved Mary, he did not place her above others. See Mark 3:31-35

We all need a mediator. We have broken God’s holy laws, and so are sinners, cut off from God and needing a Saviour and mediator.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Mary is a mediator or that she approaches Jesus on our behalf. We cannot reach God through the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In fact, the Bible says that Jesus is our mediator with God. We can go directly to Jesus. see 1 Timothy 2:5 & 6 and Hebrews 12:24.

The Bible also says that the wrath of God is on all those who refuse to repent of their sins and look for salvation in Jesus Christ. see John 3:18

By the death of Christ sin is removed and the sinner can be forgiven see 1 Peter 3:18

In Acts 16:31 the Bible says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved”

Have you trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation?

Are you saved or lost?

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