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Your Feedback

We love to hear how fellow believers are using our tracts. If you would like to encourage others, and share how you are using them to reach the lost in your community then please do email us, and we can post it here.

Today I received the tracts you sent to me on 28/07/2016. In our ministry we try to reach people in different ways, but usually on Saturday in London we do street evangelism, including singing, praying for people, giving away Bibles, leaflets etc. Your leaflets are really great and are very popular. Thank you very much.

We received the sample pack on June 6th. Thank you! We are looking for God to do great things in our community. We went out this evening for about 2 hrs prior to our prayer meeting. One man came back with us to church for the prayer service! We minister on the street every Tuesday evening by local train stations. We set up a "Prayer Station" and we offer prayer and have people handiing out tracts, and gospel booklets along with some open air preaching at times. We also offer cold water in the spring and summer and hot chocolate in the fall and winter. Thank you so much for the tracts, they will be put to great use. - a pastor in the USA

Dear Fellow Christians, I received 2 packs of tracts that I will use for our backpack ministry. Many thanks for your thoughtfullness. Sheila (USA)

Thank u so much for d Tracts received 4rm U about 4days ago.U hav Really made our Work for The Lord a Lot Easier Here. We pray that The Good Lord will supply all ur VERY needs according 2 His Riches in glory by Christ Jesus,Amen !
THANKS & GOD BLESS U ALL - Gideon (Africa)

I am delighted to find what appears to be such high quality tracts.I have wanted for ages to have something like this to give to folks as the occasion requires..Best wishes to you both. happy easter
Sarah M. (England)

I received the handful of tracts that you sent me and loved them. They are perfect for the inmates and to their liking. They are simple but informative. However, I can have up to 20 or more inmates in once session. I also minister to some of the jail personnel from time to time. I also have to give the pastor who is my supervisor a copy... Your tracts are plain spoken and great for inmates if anyone does jail ministry. They are easy to understand. I was excited when I opened your pack of tracts and looked through them. They are WONDERFUL! God bless you for the work you do in his name. Lorie (USA)

I have received the tracts you sent me. Thank you very much for helping me to serve the Lord. This is a gesture I will never forget and when I am on my feet financially I too will help someone with Biblical tools and materials. Please pray that each and every tract is sown into fertile ground. I will use them prayerfully. May the Lord bless you mightily!!!!! Vanash (Africa)

Myself and a few brothers here in Miami visit South Beach almost every Friday to hand out tracts and show people the way to the Lord. Praise our Lord, Savior, and God, Jesus Christ for the harvest we're receiving in Miami! Thank you very much. I appreciate you sending more as you are able. (from the USA)

I have a market stall where i sell bible's and give tracts out (from the UK)

Praise the Lord for the beautiful ministry that you are doing. Our church youth are doing  tract distribution every alternate Saturday of the month and they are doing a great job. Thanks a lot for being a encouragement and support to us by giving us tracts delivered to our door step. May God bless your ministry abundantly (from New Zealand)

 I received the tracts you sent on the 10-10-11. Thank you so much , they will be well used as the Lord  directs me. I pray that the Lord will bless you both as you seek to bless others, He always uses the small things to get a big result, and i believe these tracts will do just that.And this is the confidence that we have in Him ,that , if we ask any thing  according to his will, He heareth us. (1 John 5-14 }. Love and Every blessing  in our great Lord Jesus Christ. (from Ireland)

I am writing to let you know that I have received the gospel tracts that you all have kindly sent me so that I may share the gospel of Jesus Christ with  others. Thank you so much for sending me these tracts so that I can tell others about the love of Jesus. I truly appreciate it. May the Lord bless you and keep you both! (from the USA)

I have a market stall where i sell bible's and give tracts out (from the UK)

Warm Christian greetings! I drop this e-mail to let you know that I have already received the parcel in today's mail. Thank you so much for the free samples of your tracts. I love the design as well as the content. It is simple, direct and most of all powerful message about salvation and other important truths of the Bible. Thank you so much for your effort, sacrifice and faithfulness in sending the packets. I am excited to partner with you in tract distribution. I've been in literature distribution ministry for almost five years and I can tell you how exciting is tracts distribution ministry is. I agree that tracts can go to all places where it is impossible for human beings to reach. It can also go to places where it is not fitted for a Christians to go with. e.g. bar sections of the town. I had a firsthand knowledge about the usage of tracts in witnessing to the lost. I've heard about some inspiring stories church being established because of tract distributions. Or even stories of bad or hopeless people converted to Christ by just reading tracts. But as you have mentioned, it should not be an excuse not to perform personal evangelism. We are called to be an ambassadors for Christ. As Spurgeon says, Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.  Please pray for my mission trip to the Muslims in Central Mindanao, may God protect me from dangers and road accident. Please pray that God will give me utterance so that the gospel will be preached to the lost and God may magnify in spreading His word to the lost. I would be happy if you can send another package of tracts so that I can use it in introducing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. May God continue to bless you. Thank you for your friendship, fellowship and prayers and tracts.God bless you, your family and ministry. Gerson (Philippines)

I received my order yesterday.  Thank you for the ministry work you are doing.  My plan for the tracts are to insert them into what I've called "Bag of Blessings".  I've filled plastic bags with food items, hand warmers, socks and other items as I can afford and of course the Gospel tract.  I keep the bags in my car and give them out to folks who are on the street asking for money.  (from the USA)